22 June 2020

Corona Blues and Managing Happiness

Buranond Kijwatanachai
mg游戏app Programme Officer;

2月底,联盟秘书处关闭了实体办公室,开始在家办公. 一周后,朱拉隆功大学(Chulalongkorn University)关闭了校门。朱拉隆功大学是联盟秘书处的所在地. 最后,在3月25日,也就是几乎一个月之后,泰国王国实施了部分封锁.

与世界其他地区一样,亚联秘书处正在顺利地重新启动. The answers people came up with ranged from outright denial of the current situation to total rejection of physical workspaces. 当尘埃落定,事情解决了, the mg游戏app Secretariat took stock of all our projects and went to work on patching together online versions of those projects. 充分利用Zoom应用程序, mg摆脱游戏app已经组织了年度mg游戏app-QA评估员会议,包括全体会议和分组会议, engaging discussions, 还有很多无形的东西组成了这样的国际会议. And this event is not the only one of its kind that is being produced by the mg游戏app Secretariat and other organizations that are not letting COVID-19 slow them down. For the mg游戏app Secretariat, 还有更多的国际会议正在筹备中, including an international youth forum.

But not everything has been going well. 他们意识到对当前工作条件的不满开始生根发芽, 举行了一场公开的讨论,以找出让大家不开心的原因. It became apparent as grievances were aired that everyone in the office was losing sight of the boundaries that used to split work from home. 放松的时间和工作的时间很快就混合在一起,变成了一杯完全没有食欲的鸡尾酒.

当一个物理空间不再把工作和家庭分开, 当互联网提供了与任何人的无限联系, it becomes easy to never unwind. It begins in many ways. Perhaps people are worried that they might not be working enough at first so they say a little text message outside of regular office hours would be okay. 你们几乎看不到对方,因为物理空间已经没有了,所以也许在会议中浪费一些时间是可以的. Next thing you know, 你和你的同事讨论项目到深夜. 会议开始没有明确的方向,开始占用其他重要事情的时间. The worst part is that you can no longer physically leave work as your home - your safe haven - slowly turns into a cubicle.

This makes it all the more important to have an open and clear conversation about what the boundaries should be when it comes to where work begins and where it ends. The answers to that problem will come from the nature of each office along with what each worker feels are acceptable working conditions. 除此之外,mg摆脱游戏app还必须确保mg摆脱游戏app不陷入旧习惯. 如果mg摆脱游戏app继续追求更高的生产力和效率目标, we risk losing track of our humanity, 忽视了同事的心理健康, and alienating them. If they are gone, what then?